MARTA MARTINEZ: Chief Operating Officer

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Marta has an expertise in Business Management, where her expansive experience has been extended to some of the Bay Area's largest high tech firms: Pure Software, IBM, BMC Software and AirFlash.

Marta's career began as a Software Analyst working directly with Engineering Development prior to moving into Managerial positions. She has a track record of resolving extensive analytical issues as well as designing and implementing corporate processes and procedures with a specialized emphasis in recruiting and training personnel. Marta's Business Management accolades include international experience in where she has established subsidiaries in London and Germany.

Marta holds certifications in Unix Administration from University of Santa Cruz, and Human Resource Management from San Jose State University. Her experience in business management is continually enhanced by ongoing coursework from the San Jose Entrepreneur Center and as a Key Executive member of Vistage.

Marta shares her passion for recycling as the Chair for the City of Milpitas Recycling and Source Reduction Commission.

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