Elite Recycling Services ® understands the Corporate structure.

We are the the only recycling company that not just provides a recycling service, but also seamlessly oversees the complete management of your company's waste and recycling stream.

A One Stop Recycling Solution

In general, the recycling and waste stream of companies end up being managed by various groups. This causes for a disconnect in the accurate cost analysis and the reporting of the volumes of materials being recycled by your company. Elite Recycling Services ® integrates itself as "A One Stop Recycling Solution ®" that umbrellas a complete program. We give you a consolidated overview of the day to day management of your recycling.

Your company will reap the benefits of a cost reduction in the amount of waste fees due, while increasing the amount of materials recycled. Let us do the additional work for you.


Elite Recycling Services ® provides a month end Landfill Deferment Report that provides you with the breakdown of the materials your company has recycled. More than allowing just compliance with governmental requirements to recycle, this report is also a great marketing tool that showcases your company's participation in creating a more sustainable earth.

In addtion, this report is also an aid in reconciling your recycling reimbursements, and getting a one glance view at the amount of money being returned to your bottom line.

Intellectual Property Management

Most companies are unaware of the fact that they allow their Intellectual Property to escape via their waste and recycling stream. There are companies that "recycle" by refurbishing and reselling product. While this is a great method of recycling, it may not be the best way to maintain the value and integrity of the product your company is developing. Elite Recycling Services ® provides a Certificate of Destruction Program that guarantees your product will be recycled not for resell value, but for the actual commodity it is made from. The result of this keeps your products off the secondary resell markets and safeguards the value of your intellectual property.

If your focus is maintaining the value of your intellectual property or safeguarding a specific design while recycling, Elite Recycling Services ® works with you in designing the best level of destruction for your product. We can accommodate destruction projects that are as minimal as destruction by weight to serial number inventory, and as sophisticated as requiring escorting, facility security and specialized personnel.

Elite Recycling Services ® has designated warehouse areas that are dedicated to your specific project. As an added measure of security, Elite Recycling Services ® does not operate with the standard "scrap yard" setting that allows for any Buyer to walk around the facility looking for materials to buy. At Elite Recycling Services ®, materials are offered to a select and pre-approved list of Buyers, and only until after the materials are designated for the smelting process and not in its original form.


Elite Recycling Services ® is a company that handles recycling material with strict environmental and ethical compliance. We are dedicated to ensuring that our end of life solutions for materials adhere to all environmental laws.

Showcase Accounts

Elite Recycling Services ® provides services to some of Silicon Valley's largest Fortune 500 Companies. Due to existing Non-Disclosure Agreements, we do not market their specific names yet we can provide them as references once your company is ready to partner with us.

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ERS will perform an onsite visit free of charge! We will review current waste stream and recycling programs already in place. You will receive a customized plan that will enable your company better recycling results, lower landfill diversion rates, and higher returns on your recyclables.

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